Selfish Ghost



Selfish Ghost is an emerging Metalcore/ Alternative Rock act originating from NoVa (Northern Virginia). The powerful band seeks to touch the listeners and help them deal with the problems life gives them. Every release by the band is written from personal perspectives, enabling their lyricism to be relatable to anyone who listens. Selfish Ghost seeks to release music that is unique, powerful, and emotional. The up-and-coming band is a must listen as it will inspire you, and help you through your toughest times.


The Release Of Breathe

Selfish Ghost starts its rise with its latest powerful Metalcore release ‘Breathe’. The single features uplifting and energized guitar riffs, driving drumlines, and anthemic-like vocals. Undoubtedly, ‘Breathe’ has all the elements to resonate with listeners. The drums and the electric guitar drive the single, creating a perfect fit for the vocal. The vibrant electric guitars and unique arrangement keep the listener engaged. Selfish Ghost delivers a song that will take any listener through a musical journey. Undoubtedly, Selfish Ghost’s ‘Breathe’ will leave an impact on any Metalcore/ Alternative Rock music connoisseur.



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